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Feeling Stuck? Want To Break Bad Habits? Looking For A Way To Overcome Procrastination?


Here's How You Can Stop Procrastinating, Supercharge Your Productivity, & Get Things Done!


First - It's time to be honest.


If you are reading this, chances are you want to break free from the bondage of procrastination and reach your full potential. Is that correct?


Well, you will not achieve that by neglecting the truth.


So Again - be honest.


  • How many times have you waited to the last minute or started projects and stopped because you didn’t have the discipline to finish them?


  • How many times have you promised yourself you would start saving money but haven’t saved a dime?


  • How many times have you stayed up late binge-watching your favorite TV show or flipping through social media instead of working on your goals?


These habits are hard-coded into your brain, and breaking them requires a comprehensive anti-procrastination strategy.


Did you know that according to studies, procrastination is associated with high levels of anxiety, poor performance in school, low income, and bad credit? Latisha Y. Brown, the best-selling author of this self-development book, is here to offer you tested and proven ways to beat the beast of procrastination and unleash your full potential in life. It only takes one decision and a little courage to take that first step.


It's Time To Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator and Remove Excuses from Your Life.


Top 6+1 Ways This Motivational Book Will Change Your Life:


Avoid Common Pitfalls That Leads You to a Vicious Cycle of Procrastination & Laziness

Create A Plan to Combat Fear and Laziness & Learn How Discipline + Action Promotes Success

Tackle Your Bad Habits & Discover 20 Behaviors of Habitual Procrastinators That You Should Avoid

Identify The 6 Major Reasons That Lead To Procrastination & Develop Anti-Procrastination Tactics

Overcome Negative Patterns That Undermine Your Mental Discipline & Disrupt Your Growth

Narrow Down The List Of Excuses & Learn The 7 Keys To Creative Organization for Success

Supply Tools to Help You Combat Self-Sabotaging Conversations in Your Head That Keep You Stuck


What Makes This Procrastination Book Ideal For You?


By the end of this life-altering self-improvement book you will be able to master your time, boost productivity, recreate good habits, feel good about life, and end procrastination now.


What Are You Waiting For?


Click “Buy Now” & Stop Procrastinating Today!

Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator E-Book

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$5.00Sale Price
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