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Overcoming Procrastination For Success

Introducing – Overcoming Procrastination for Success (OPS) Workshop and Courses. Within a span of 25+ years, I have trained and coached athletes to have exceptional character; to be fearless, relentless, focused, and disciplined on and off the court. And after years of training athletes and guiding adults, through our coaching sessions, “Mastering Your Story,” we have finally packaged a nine (9) week self-paced all-encompassing program to aid in your pursuit of excellence and balance. Some of the topics include (1) Systematic Thinking and Scheduling, (2) How to break free from chronic procrastination, (3) Discipline for Enhanced Productivity, and (4) The 7 Keys to Creative Organization for Success. This easy to follow detailed OPS Course will catapult your personal and business development to the next level. There are several options available:

  • Self-Paced Workshop – Choose individual courses or all nine courses package

  • A one-day (2-4 hours), two-day (6-8 hours), or three-day (9 hours) workshop at your company or with your group

  • Attend online coaching community via Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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Courses coming soon.

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