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You don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to get started with...

The Audacity to Follow Your Dreams

The Discipline to Save Money

The Willingness to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The Desire to Start a Family

The Courage to Get Your Degree 

The Endurance to Write a Book

The Bravery to Start a Business

And if you’re scared – Remember, fear is a bad motivator.

That is where my story began.

I was at a crossroad between GO and FEAR.

But fear would not be the end of my story.

So, I had a DECISION to make

I realized that TIME would continue doing its job, whether I chose to move or not.


The opportunities are endless!



Latisha Brown

In 2008, my mother died of breast cancer. One of her last words to me, was “Latisha, don’t be afraid to get out of the boat”. She was referring to the biblical scripture when Jesus told Peter to get out of the boat and walk on water toward Him. When she told me that, I was gung ho about living my dreams and doing amazing things to make her and the family proud. However, fear gripped me so tightly that I could barely move. Procrastination for me at that time was an understatement. I used every diversionary tactic I could think of to NOT work on my dreams.

I remember months later reading her journals. She talked about writing books and teaching etiquette classes for young girls and boys. Unfortunately, she never “got around” to doing any of it because she couldn’t get a grip on why she felt bound.

What was holding my mother back? What was holding me back?

Why was it so hard for me to take the first step?

As I did what came naturally to me, “procrastinating”, and waited and waited for the courage to take the first step; I began to realize five (5) important things:

#1 – No one was coming to rescue me or give me permission to move.

#2 – Fear is not my friend and it causes paralysis; which hinders me from fulfilling my purpose.

#3 – No one cares about my dreams like I do. People will cheer for a moment, but it’s up to me to move forward with my goals.

#4 – If I start moving, everything I need will become available to me, right when I need it.

#5 – If I am too scared to move, God will raise up someone else to do what I am too afraid to do.


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  • Perhaps you have procrastinated so long and you think it’s too late.


  • Maybe you don’t know how to get started.


  • Is it possible that you really do need to be encouraged or coached to take that first step?


  • Could you be feeling overwhelmed and out of alignment?


  • Is procrastinating giving you anxiety, and leading to stagnation and discouragement? 


As a coach/mentor, licensed minister for over 25 years, married for 30 years, a mother of two amazing kids, and I hold a master’s degree in Organizational Management; it comes naturally to want to help when others are in need.

I have been called the Dispenser of Hope. I love that description, and it is part of the reason I wrote the books “Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator” and “NO TRACE” My Stories, My Secrets, My Pain, My Victory (Understanding the Suicide Epidemic).

Hope is the reason I developed the COURSES and WORKSHOP, “Overcoming Procrastination for Success”; or founded The MAS Movement organization (Mother’s Against Suicide). Even the I CHOOSE ME brand is about Hope.

I desire to coach you through to your purpose by taking the fear out of the equation, creating order and balance, and providing the tools and strategies you need to succeed in every area of your life.

So if you are ready to take this journey with me, Let’s Go!

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